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Repair and restoration of antique instruments

If you have an old violin that you want to recover either for sentimental value or to be used again, that is the reason why you came here.

-Custom quotes according to what your instrument needs to come back to life.

Restoration of varnish, polishing, gluing, cracks, assembly, set up and much more

Instruments that, after the passage of time, have been forgotten in a warehouse in poor condition and without adequate protection and care, that have been bought or inherited, are usually in very poor condition, but keep in mind that they can always shine again.

As part of the service, an exhaustive evaluation of the instrument is carried out at no cost, and an adjusted budget is made according to what you need without any commitment.

You can request an appointment at our workshop in Madrid or the Canary Islands through:



+34 610 264 063


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