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1520-1724 Violinmakers in Brescia

1520-1724 Violinmakers in Brescia

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    The book "1520-1724 Liutai in Brescia" has been finally published, edited by Eric Blot Edizioni. A work that has no precedents, in which we can find detailed descriptions of more than 40 instruments of the following artists:

    • Pellegrino DE MICHELI
    • Francesco BERTOLOTTI DA SALÒ
    • Gio Paolo MAGGINI
    • Giovanni Battista ROGERI
    • Pietro Giacomo ROGERI

    Besides, more contents by:

    • Charles BEARE: Brescian infleuence on the tone of Cremonese instruments
    • Marco BIZZARINI - Ugo ORLANDI: Ancient violinmaking and musical context in Brescia
    • Carlo CHIESA: Introduction to Brescian violin making in XVI Century
    • Ugo RAVASIO: Maggini's Century
    • John DILWORTH: Brescian Instruments, the technical aspect
    • Duane ROSENGARD: The Contrabass Double Basses of Gasparo da Salò and Gio Paolo Maggini
    • François DENIS: The geometric principles of string instrument-making in Brescia
    • John TOPHAM: Tree-ring analysis report

    Also shows the contributions of Roger Hargrave, Florian Leonhard, Guy Rabut, Philip Kass, Joseph Grubaugh on the occasion of the Day of Study that took place during the exhibition "Gio Paolo Maggini - Secoli di dettagli" - Brescia, 9 June - 8 July 2007.


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