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Guadagnini BOOK

Guadagnini BOOK


Masterpieces from the Parma 2011 Galleria Nazionale Exhibition

Twenty-four violins, violas and cellos, beautifully pictured by Jan Röhrmann, Tucker Densley and other major photographers, are illustrated life-sized, permitting experts and enthusiasts to appreciate all the details and subtleties of Guadagnini’s working methods and style. The publication is enriched with historical and technical essays written by world renowned experts, with contributions by Philip Kass, Carlo Chiesa, Giuseppe Martini, Brigitte Brandmair and Terry Borman. An extensive table of measurements, studies on arching, thicknesses, material characteristics and varnish will make the book an invaluable source of information for violin players, makers and collectors.

  • English Description

    "A magnificently impressive contribution, […] possibly the most complete book of analysis ever produced on any maker."
    John Dilworth, The Strad, December 2012

    • 240 pages
    • 45,7 by 32,5 cms format
    • 1000 numbered copies
    • bound in fine cloth
    • texts in English


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