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Leather Thumbgrip bowgrip | Cuero para Arcos

Leather Thumbgrip bowgrip | Cuero para Arcos

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Bow Catalogue of Leathers High Quality, 100% Natural with all the leathers avalaible in my atelier

Type | Tipo
Variante 2
  • English Description

    1: Black Snake 
    2: Red Wine Snake 
    3: Exotic Snake (Brown Spots)
    4: Grey Snake 
    5: Brown Lizard 
    6: Dark Brown Lizard 
    7: Exotic Snake 
    8: White Snake 
    9: Red Snake 
    10: Exotic Snake "Salmon Color"
    11: Brown Snake 
    12: Black Crocodile 

  • Now you can select the leather type of your choice

    and know in advance how will be seen finally finished in the wood 


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