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VIOLIN striNgs



SENSES by Artem,the freedom to shape the sound that you want!...

SENSES, is the new line of strings for Violin by ARTEM and Lsalazar Luthier Atelier & Shop for Latin America and aimed mainly at students violin players.

After its success in the previous version, now back with a presentation and a new formula updated for the best sound and the best quality at a fairly affordable price.

The SENSES strings are made of steel, aluminum and German silver, under high quality standards, SENSES strings have a highly flexible synthetic core, with a good balance between quality and brightness. The sound they emit is smooth and clear with a fairly stable intonation rich in harmonics. part of the manufacturing process takes place in Germany and the rest in Venezuela. Making us one of the first string brands made partly in Latin America.


Soon it is also available for Viola, Cello and Contrabass.

The ARTEM strings were born in our workshops in Latin America, and were created with the ideal of taking the musicians in training and students (at that time mainly those who belong to "El Sistema" Venezuela); durable strings, with a good balance, good quality and a really acceptable price in a continent where for them to access a good set of strings at low prices is quite complicated and not only because of the economic conditions but also because of the availability of strings and accessories for violin in several countries of Latin America. Today, previous versions of ARTEM strings can be obtained in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, as well as in some countries in Europe and Asia.

Our vision with SENSES and previous versions is not to compete with important brands, our vision has always been to create quality strings but at a very affordable price especially for the Latin American market and that musicians can thereby improve their learning and maintain a good level of execution to be able to change their strings periodically without having to resort for it to very low quality strings.

Get your instrument more expressiveness and a better balanced sound with SENSES and feel the freedom to shape the sound you want!

This new version of SENSES will be available for sale to the public after its official release but you can Pre-Order and get your SET of strings from now! for a PROMOTIONAL SALE PRICE!

If you want to become Authorized Distributor/Seller of SENSES by ARTEM in your City or Country, please contact us for more information. 

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