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I've created this campaing because...

from this last months my native country (Venezuela) has been having serious economic problems including currency devaluation; the worst economy crisis in our history.

Some people don't have money for clothe, food and another principal things, and i'm sure you hear or read something about that difficult situation on tv. 

Our musicians (the most part with low resources) apart of that are having problems to find supplies for his instruments for keep playing and making music: strings, rosins, instruments care products and more, and the few that there are will be to much expensive and much more right now for the currency devaluation of this last months.

Is for this what in this oportunity i'm raising money for help in some way our musicians 

My idea is to provide for FREE to "low resources" musicians from Venezuela with the essential things for a string player, and for make that possible i need your help.
So, one part of the money will be used for pay the products in totally PRICE COST from the factory.  and totally new.

For Violin - Viola - Cello - Double bass 

*Horse Hair Hanks for Rehair their bows


And the another part for the shiptments costs and logistic. 



The musicians can get this products FOR FREE in the atelier in Caracas-Venezuela.

Each one have to be registed through a designed platform in my web where any low-income Venezuelan musician that want to receive one of these should sign up for the subsequent selection. That selection will be done by my team taking into consideration socio-economic aspects.

Also you can colaborate sending us products (strings, rosins, accesories (new or used but in good condition)

My atelier will add to the goal 1.500€ more in strings and horse hair at the final.

For every donation, no matter what the amount be, you will recieve one of our "Thank You Postal Cards" signed and sealed by me.

Some people can think: why help with this and not with food or something else?.. 

Well... i think is important too, because the music can make the world a better place, can make a children dream, and the dreams can eventually become in a reality.

The music is a place where people forgot the problems and where the people come to connect, discover, and share. 

Let's help these kids to continue playing and dreaming!

P L E A S E      S H A R E !

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