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T H E    L U X U R Y   C O L L E C T I O N

   The Luxury Collection by Lëo Salazar is a new exclusive line of accessories and products for stringed instruments with a fresh, elegant and luxurious air, directed to all musicians but mainly for professional ones. Accessories and products of high quality and carefully hand made with the most exclusive materials and beautifully presented. Be part of our collection...

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Our Fine Tuners.

     Are the most finest & luxurious fine tuners never made before, beautifully hand made with the most high quality materials... 


    Our fine tuners are beautifully hand made with real gemstones, carefully selected, carved  and polished to magnify its qualities.


  The screws are manufactured in a strong alloy with a 18k gold plated finished.

     Presented in a beautiful box and including a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Our Silk Bags


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     Made with the most exclusive artesanal Silk confectioned exclusively for this use, 100% natural and hand painted with natural high quality dyes, just like in the old times.


      Our Bags are an extra barrier to protect your instrument inside the case helping to maintain humidity and temperature levels thanks to the properties of the silk, and also offers you an extra protection against scratches that could suffer from friction.


     Adding as well a touch of distinction and elegance with our beautiful designs and prints on silk.

    Presented in a beautiful package and including a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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